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From your home or on the go.


Would you like to get support quickly and straightforwardly instead of dealing with bureaucratic barriers and waiting times? Are you traveling a lot and therefore can't have a therapist on site?

Then you have found the right person! My name is Laura Nickel, I'm an online psychologist and I'm glad you found your way to me.

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. For six years I have been supporting adults in overcoming their everyday problems, gaining new perspectives and leading a more meaningful life. 

With my online practice, I would like to reach people who have no or difficult access to a psychologist or psychotherapist. I want to contribute making professional psychological help easily available for everyone.

Furthermore I enjoy working location independently, as this allows me to pursue another passion: surfing.

My Services

My counselling sessions are aimed at people like you and me, who have reached their limits due to various stress factors and are looking for support online.

Are you stressed or do you feel drained? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep and can't stop worrying? Do you have troubles finding a balance between work, family and leisure time and do you feel like not knowing what is actually important to you?


Learn how to deal with job-related and private stressors in a way that you improve your health and learn how to shape your life according to your values!

Psychologische Onlineberatung bei Stress, depressiver Verstimmung u.a.

Are you dealing with the topic ADHD in adulthoodbecause you suspect it might apply to you? Did you struggle with attention problems and disorganization as a child? As an adult, are you still

  • scattered and unfocused?
  • messy and disorganized? Or investing a lot of energy in organisational skills?
  • restless and always on the go? Or having racing thoughts and trouble to relax`?

Learn how ADHD manifests itself in adulthood, how you can cope with the associated challenges and how you can see your strengths and weaknesses with kindness.

ADHS Coaching, Ordnungs ins Chaos bringen

Do you frequently check your body for possible signs of illness? Do you worry to suffer from or to develop a serious illness, even when doctors assure you that the symptoms are harmless?

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your symptoms - learn to deal with them more realistically and get to know the benefits of confronting yourself with the finiteness of our lives.

Hypochondrie-Angst vor Krankheiten bewältigen

Do you recognize yourself in the descriptions and would you like my support? Write me an Email now and we will arrange a free discovery call to get to know each other.


Would you like my support as a psychologist online in other areas? No problem, we will simply clarify in the discovery call, whether my offer suits your needs. 


Quality mark for psychological online counseling awarded by the Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP)

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Psychological Counseling and ADHD Coaching

Laura Nickel


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