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I am a psychologist, psychological psychotherapist and surfer. For six years I have been supporting adults to overcome difficulties in their life and take steps towards a value-led life. Both in the inpatient and outpatient sector, I have helped patients with depression, anxiety disorders, burnout, chronic pain disorders, personality disorders and illness anxiety to be able to cope better with their everyday life.

Ever since leaving school, I've tried to combine my professional career with as much time near the ocean as possible. After my studies, I worked as a surf instructor and traveled for two years. However, I've missed the opportunity to work with people as a psychologist, so I decided to do my further training as a psychotherapist. With online psychological counseling I have now found a way to combine my work with living by the sea and my passion for surfing.

Work Experience and Education

Psychological online counselling

Since 2016 I have worked as a psychologist and psychotherapist in different areas. I started in a psychosomatic specialist clinic, where I carried out individual therapies as well as group therapies for patients with a wide range of mental disorders. After that, I worked in a rehabilitation clinic for orthopedic and rheumatological rehabilitation, where my focus was on conducting counseling on stress and pain management and relaxation training. Finally, I carried out behavioral therapy in a 1:1 setting on an outpatient basis.

Further training to become a psychological psychotherapist at the Institut for Psychotherapy at the University of Mainz, final degree: license to practice as a psychological psychotherapist (cognitive behavioural therapy)

Studies in psychology at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, degree: Diploma in Psychology

Personal Details

I got to know and to love traveling to foreign countries very early on in my life, because my parents enjoyed traveling a lot. At some point I tried surfing for the first time, was enthusiastic and planned my further trips around surfing. This led to two semesters abroad in Australia, working in surf camps as a surf teacher and various surf trips, most recently to Central America.
Being landlocked in Germany, but still searching for the feeling that surfing can give you (such as being completely in the here and now and connected to nature), I started with yoga. And even today, yoga is an important companion in my everyday life, be it to relieve pain or to let go of recurring thoughts. Since I felt the desire to pass this on to others, I trained as a yoga teacher and also like to use mindfulness and breathing exercises in my counseling sessions.

Psychological Counseling and ADHD Coaching

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